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"Amazing teacher! She’s the best teacher I have ever seen. I’m not the only one who says that, but all my friends on Verbling say that also… and teachers, as well! For example, when Teacher Lauren left Verbling, she recommended me to join Sam’s classes. I really appreciate Sam’s teaching! "

− Amr Eid from Alexandria, Egypt

"I’ve watched Samantha’s teaching on her Youtube channel. And I want to get lots of conversation experience because I need to have conversations in English. I moved to New York for a second language, so I really need it! Thanks Samantha! "

− Vehbi Terzi from New York, USA

"The first time I wanted to attend an English class online I was really scared and shy. Watching one of Chenay's classes, I felt so confident that I decided to get in and participate due her very unique and special way of teaching. I had a lot of fun and at the same time I learned. She loves teaching and passes on that passion to her students. Chenay is a devoted teacher who takes into account all the little details to give her best in each class. If you want to improve your English skills, the solution is very close to you!"

− Mauricio Rodriguez Lozano

"I can describe Simon as a ‘complete, professional and original teacher’. He teaches from business to grammar and has an academic point of view, which has had a strong impact, not only in my professional or college background, but also in my personal life when I have the opportunity to have conversations with my native speaking friends from all over the world. The best of all is that he teaches in an interactive and fun way. Time flies when I take lessons with him. I’ve been studying English for some years, always dreamed about speaking it, and I really can say that he has a really important role in this long journey. His methods are very effective and unique; it didn’t take me a long time to notice significant improvements in my speaking, as well as writing and listening skills. In a very short amount of time, I was able to speak English more comfortably. So, be prepared to a world of knowledge and a lot of fun. Thanks Simon."

− George Louis

"I like coming to Simon's classes because I like his teaching style. My English speaking skills are improving without much effort by attending his pronunciation and game classes. There is nothing better than learning english in a funny and relaxed way."

− Abdessamed HM

"My favorite teacher is Teacher Eric. I am one of his poor pupils among many bright students. Teacher Eric is a funny person, he loves humor, and we always laugh in his lessons. Laughing, enjoying conversation with him , I gradually developed my conversation skills. I’m a big fan of Teacher Eric. He is handsome and has a nice bass voice, but it made me shy the first time I met him. But the more I attended his lessons, the more I found that he is a very funny person. I always enjoy his classes, which were filled with joke and wit. I feel his classes always end quickly. You’ll never be bored with his lessons, and soon you’ll be aware that your conversation skills have been much advanced."

− Hide from Japan

"You are a wonderful teacher who always makes me feel happy and comfortable whenever I take your classes. I've learned a lot of things from your classes, actually. This is because apart from you, my teacher, I hardly find another teachers who have enough patience to correct each sentence spoken by students in their classes. I deeply appreciate your help, Eric. I wish you and your loved ones all health, wealth, success, and happiness."

− Linh Lê from Vietnam

"Participating in Eric’s classes always gives me 'food for thought' because the discussions during the class are very interesting. I like the methods which Eric uses for improving vocabulary: asking personal and general questions about topics and involving all students in the conversation. The teacher finds a good way to describe difficult grammar constructions, just giving us an example using simple sentence instead of complicated ones. After Eric’s classes, we receive new knowledge about English and about the subjects which we discuss."

− Anatoly from Russia


− Freikar Villanueva from Venezuela

"I'm a teacher, too, and I see the need of speaking and writing English very clearly. I had some classes with teacher Anthony, and thanks to his dynamic classes, I was able to learn many interesting things. His classes were responsible for my improvement, especially when he plays his guitar during the class. The benefits of his classes made a huge difference in my professional life!"

− Juliane Guedes from Brazil

"Anthony Frederick has been my teacher for some time as I have attended for a year. His classes had been well organized as well as enjoyable from the beginning till the end as he knows how to keep a balance among different skills: speaking, reading and listening, applying a number of resources to keep us students alert and participating actively. Being in his classes has been very helpful as well as enjoyable, especially because he always leaves us with a bit of food for thought. I will always be deeply thankful for his commitment and devotion towards his students' progress."

− Cecilia Elisa Viana Otero from Uruguay

"Hi everyone, I am an English learning student. I was trying to find an online teacher who could help me with my English. Finally I was able to find a really great teacher: Samantha. She has taught me just four lessons so far. But with these four lessons she gave me passion, courage and new hope towards my future. There were many online teachers, but it would not be wrong to say that very few have the aptitude and attitude to become a great teacher. Many are in this profession more for the sake of earning money. Samantha is really a great teacher. She knows the topics well and can make it so interesting that students do not get bored. She has a good sense of humour, can laugh at herself and can also laugh with the students. She does not get angry easily and can enjoy each moment. If you want to improve your English, book one-on-one sessions with teacher Samantha! "

− Arif Jan from Taif, Saudi Arabia

"Samantha is an excellent teacher! In my opinion, she’s making a great effort and she tries to help everyone. I think she is one of the best teachers that I have taken classes with! "

− Omar Mousa from Giza, Egypt

"Samantha is a fantastic teacher! She has a lot of patience to explain every detail of the text or grammar. Sincerely, I wish great success for her! "

− Contador Leonardo from New York City, USA

"Samantha is very friendly and she teaches very efficiently! Her English is excellent. She is very helpful. "

− Tuyet Nguyen from Quy Nhon, Vietnam

"Samantha is one of the awesomest teachers! I have been in many classes with her. Her classes are always fun and I can totally understand everything she is saying and trying to teach, which is a sign that she is a good teacher. Classes are always interesting and full of knowledge. Continue in this direction; you are doing great job! "

− Luiza Poladyan from Yerevan, Armenia

"Well, I have attended Samantha’s classes, and I think her teaching is very great and exciting. Moreover, it is a very friendly and creative environment for students to learn. I think your idea about Booklady is nice. It can help students to discuss and share their ideas. That is the best way for students, I think. Good luck, my teacher! "

− Thuan Tran from Bac Lieu, Vietnam

"Samantha is awesome! She is patient and dedicated. She gives us the opportunity to speak and she knows how to correct my mistakes! "

− Dyego Reis from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"It’s always fun to be in your class. You seem to be very experienced in teaching english. Well done Samantha, keep it up! "

− Silva Berlus Coni from Bandung, Indonesia

"I like Samantha so much. I really enjoy her classes. I like how she teaches us. She is my favorite teacher! "

− Reem Abdullah from Hafer Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia

"Samantha is one of the best teachers I have ever know. She has a unique style and a good sense of humor. In addition, she is always there if you need help. I wish her all the best. May Allah bless you. "

− Bassam Kal from Damascus, Syria

"When I first joined Samantha’s classes, I was nervous and I was shy, but when Samantha started to talk in the class, she made me feel so comfortable and so confident in myself. Every time that I ask something I get an answer – it doesn’t matter if it’s an easy question, she always gives me the best answer she can. And if she doesn’t have the answer right away, she always answers me later, but I always get an answer! Thank you so much, Samantha. "

− René Raymundo Landa Trejo

"To begin with, I adore Samantha’s ways of teaching. She is a helpful teacher with a good method. Samantha helps her students and tries to make them feel comfortable. She uses games and stories to introduce the class. I do remember when we exchanged roles of Cindrella, we had a wonderful class. I won’t ever forget that class! I wish I could join every class of hers. Thank you Samantha and good luck! "

− Sonia Aster Amiles from Algiers, Algeria

"I’ve watched Samantha’s class videos on Youtube and she’s a great teacher! I keep going and I’ll attend to her online classes so soon. "

− Khadija Mohamed from Gulmim, Morocco

"Samantha is amazing and a perfect teacher because she is respectful and helpful to her students in her classes! "

− Mira Maro from Alex, Egypt

"She is one of the best teachers in the world! "

− Mostafa Bakhshi from Mash, Iran

"First of all, thank you for reading my message. The last few days, I have attended teacher Samantha’s online classes and also other teachers’ classes. I really appreciate Samantha because her teaching skills are very useful and efficient. She can help to students who want to improve their English. She always tries to teach all the students. She never kicks someone out who doesn’t understand class or gets in trouble. Samantha is personally a very kind and smart lady. One of my favorite classes is Games class. This class is very funny and very helpful for students who study English. Thank you. "

− Munhjargal Batsaikhan from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

"Actually, I cannot enter Samantha’s classes enough because I have bad connection here. But, I think she is a great teacher! "

− Salma Benaouda from Mostaganem, Algeria

"Samantha’s teaching method is very great. I think she is best one in the world with good tips for learning English. "

− Javi KD from Lahore, Pakistan

"Very good! I don’t how to thank you enough. You give me so much help with my English. It is wonderful and I like you very much. Thank you! "

− Ethan Riola from ZhongShan, China

"HI SAMANTHA! You are a good teacher. I saw some classes of you online and I think you are great! "

− Amr Eid from Alexandra, Egypt

"I viewed her teaching others and must say she is a beautiful woman that seems funny and kind as well as generous with her time and love for others. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one! "

− Troy Cross from Abbotsford, Canada

"Relaxed and friendly with a pleasant voice. She knows how to help students and explain things to them. A helpful person with time for other people. "

− Leon Wooldridge from Canterbury, England

"Samantha is a great teacher. She is very patient and she builds a very friendly relationship with her students. I really enjoy her courses. Her courses are always well prepared with a multitude of different materials, exercises and new ideas to make us learn English more easily and faster. And, most of all, we feel that she likes teaching and that is a very important attitude to have. As one of her students, I always feel welcome in her class and it makes me feel at home. "

− Ismael Idrissi from Rabat, Morocco

"Samantha is one of the nicest English teachers I have ever met. She is so friendly that she attracts all sorts of students to her lessons. Her way of presentation is excellent as a teacher, and I think she uses language that every student can understand. She uses different teaching methods which are highly applicable to the topic. Most of all, I love her pleasant, natural smile. "

− Disnaka Nishantha from Gampaha, Sri Lanka

"Samantha is very fun and she teaches us well. I like to learn English with her because I feel confident and I know that she is concerned about my learning. Thank you! "

− Anderson Alves from Osasco, Brazil

"Samantha is a great teacher. She has many positive points, such as her ability of communicate with her students because of her gentleness. She speaks loudly and clearly, and she doesn’t use complex vocabulary in beginner classes. She establishes what the target is of her lessons so that she can avoid derailment as much as possible. She always tried to be fair with her students. Finally, I wish for success for her! "

− Faisal Abdullah from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"I’m from Syria but now I’m living in Turkey as a temporary step, then I’ll be moving to London. So, as I’m moving from place to place, I’m trying to improve my English by attending online lessons. I was very happy to subscribe to one of the websites that Samantha teaches on, and to be one of her students. I need to be honest and tell you one thing about Samantha: SHE IS THE BEST!!! I’ve attended many classes taught by many teachers on the web, but I interact the best with her performance. She delivers information to students with a smile and complete patience. Especially when someone is hesitant to speak, she always helps them with her sports-like spirit. Thanks very much, my teacher. "

− Mohamad Naddaf from Mersin, Turkey

"Samantha’s humorous style of teaching makes the process of learning very entertaining. It makes you feel like you want to come back again and again. If she teaches you grammar, you will receive a great explanation of every rule with easy-to-understand examples, which makes you feel that you really understand grammar. Awesome. Also, I like her usage of the computer as a tool for teaching: everything is well structured and given to you after the class in the form of a PDF or Word document. So, she’s a great and creative teacher! "

− Paul Krasnov from Khabarovsk, Russia

"In my experience with Samantha’s classes, I can say they’ve never been boring. They are very dynamic and very fun! But, the most important thing about her classes is that she is a terrific teacher. There haven’t been any classes where I haven’t learnt something. For you, I just have one piece of advice… Please, never stop smiling! "

− Edu Jlv from Caracas, Venezuela

"You are great teacher! I’ve just watched your classes online but I haven’t joined your classes because I have problems with my internet connection. But, let me tell you that you clearly enjoy teaching, and the learners enjoy your classes, which is the most important thing. I hope you continue with the same strength and conviction to get all that you want to! "

− Nerio Burga from Chota, Peru

"I’ve finally found the words to speak my piece about my feelings of gratitude. Aside from all of the sweet memories I have had and anyone could clearly see in Samantha’s recorded classes, I’ll share a little story. One day, I had to write a professional paper that I worked on all that night and partially finished the morning that it was due. I needed a native English speaker to have a look at it, making the paper look as professional as it should. Sam had a class that morning, in my time zone, so I decided to ask her for help. Here came a warm smile at that dark time to wipe away all the panic. She didn’t only make corrections, but also organized the paper in a professional format, highlighting my mistakes and adding comments for me. Sam just threw that favor out there where no payback was required or expected from me. After being a student for almost 20 years, I definitely recognize that very unique passion, patience and dedication that teacher Samantha has and I wish every English learner to have the experience of taking classes with her. "

− Emad Sharrabh from Aleppo, Syria

"One important thing that comes before teaching is the fact of making students feel comfortable in class. You can feel free and act the way you are in Samantha’s classes; that helps a lot in learning. That’s what I like the most about Samantha’s classes: I can have fun and learn at the same time! "

− Sleem Zayeni from Sfax, Tunisia

"I would like to say a few things about my favourite teacher of English. She is a young lady from Canada. My nationality is Romanian, so having the occasion to speak with an English native speaker has been helping me so much in learning the language. I would like to say that teacher Samantha always organizes her classes to be very pleasent and fun. Even though her classes are about a topic, you may always ask her questions that are off topic in case you want to know more about something or have questions for her. She always succeeds in giving me enough details to help me to understand what I have asked her if there is something I am not sure about. Also, becasue she is a native speaker, she can help me to learn how to pronounce the words correctly. For all these good things about teacher Samantha, I would love to recommend you to be her student for learning English! All the best. "

− Mircea Sabau from Turda, Romania

"Samantha has provided a great service to help to me improve my English skills, by teaching me about editing and writing, explaining words, and especially correcting pronunciation. Just ask her once and she will find whatever chance that she can to help you. I personally think Sam’s best classes are her discussion classes. She provides top-notch topics which have given me plenty of opportunity to express my opinions and also to expand my views by listening to my fellow students. "

− Huyền Hương Nguyễn from Hanoi, Vietnam

"I have been learning English for more than ten years. Samantha is one of the most amazing English teachers I have ever met in my life. She is friendly and nice. I always have fun in Samantha’s classes. After taking her lessons, I have improved my speaking skills and English pronunciation a lot. Also, I have learnt a lot of new words from her lessons. I think if it weren’t for her classes, I wouldn’t have learned nearly as many useful words and phrases. For example, I learnt the word ‘elope’ in Sam’s class last week; I like this word. In Sam’s classes, my friends and I play a lot of games like ‘Taboo’, ‘Pictionary’ and role-playing games. I really enjoy learning English in a fun way with an experienced teacher like Samantha (even though she is so young). I am so happy that I know Samantha because she is really awesome! "

− Anastacia Ponomareva from Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

"Samantha’s classes always give me plenty of opportunities to speak. The subjects range from a variety of sources, making each class interesting and unique, unlike any other English classes in school. Samantha is innovative and flexible to her students needs. By taking part in Samantha’s classes, I have widened my vocabulary and improved my pronunciation. By listening to unaffected English speech, I have gained a better comprehension of colloquial speech. Samantha also helped me improve my cover letter and my résumé. It was critical that she taught me how to write my letter, without changing the gist of it. I warmly recommend teacher Samantha to everyone that wants to accelerate their English speaking, writing, and comprehension skills. "

− Maria Eklund from Helsingborg, Sweden

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